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Philadelphia Sketch Club Logo Redesign

Made with Affinity Designer. This is a redesigned logo of the Philadelphia Sketch Club. The logo design was inspired by the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team pinwheel logo and the font’s name was Rockwell, a homage to Norman Rockwell, the renowned American illustrator who had made several illustrations for Philadelphia’s Sunday newspaper during his tenure.   …

Miguel’s Mexican Grille Promotional Poster

Made with Affinity Designer.   This promotional poster was designed for a local Mexican grille restaurant advertising their “Buy one get one free” deal to attract new customers. This promotional poster led to a 36% increase in sales and customer retention.

MOZÄE Clothing Brand

MOZÄE is a startup clothing line founded by Moises Alvarez. Inspired by salsa dancing, Moises set out to create clothing designs that are not just eye-catching but also comfortable and practical to move around with.